Hunger Games Cosplay

Tonight my wife’s library system will be having a party in honor of the movie release of the Hunger Games.  It should prove to be quite an eventful night.  The last time they ran something, it was for the final Harry Potter movie, and there were people crawling all over the place.

Many of my friends will be there tonight, and they tend to enjoy dressing up.   I could not stand by and see this, so I had to at least match them, if not best them.  In my attempt to make a unique costume, I created a District 12 coal miner.

Here is a sneak peek of my helmet.  I equipped a standard hardhat with a light on the front.  Along with painting it silver (seems to be a typical color for coal miner helmets), I added the #12 (for District 12) as well as charcoal dust for that aged look.   I also created a “uniform” by adding the #12 to the front and back of a blue mechanic’s jumpsuit.  It has a similar appearance to a prison uniform.  My little symbolism of being held down by “the man.”

I hate pictures that people take of themselves in the mirror, holding the camera, so I am going to forgo that picture and promise to share a photo later, after the event is through.  For now, I am off to the Games.


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