The Hunger Games: A review


I went to see the Hunger Games over the weekend.  WIth an estimated $155 million opening weekend, I am not alone in seeing it.  

Through peer pressure from my wife and friends to read the book, I finally did at the end of last year.   I enjoyed to book very much.  I find great enjoyment, reading books about dystopian societies.  Maybe that is due to growing up in the 80s with books like 1984 being popular, and movies like Mad Max being the hero of choice.

The movie itself was well done.  I think the writers did a very good job of transferring the movie from the page to the screen.  It helps having Suzanne Collins (the book’s author) as one of the screen writers.   I think more book authors need to make sure they are on board with the screen writing to keep the movie story the way they want.

The choices for characters were really well done.  I think the choice of Josh Hutcherson was not the best.  I imagined someone bigger and stronger.

One real issue I had with the movie was the cinematography.  They went with the handheld shaky cameras to give the sense of being there, or a sense of action.   All it did was make me sick.  I went with  5 other people to see the movie.  4 of us were barely holding it together.  I want to see it again when it comes out on DVD and see if I do any better.  That is the same thing that happened with The Borne Identity.  Much better on TV.

Overall a good movie.  True to the book, and a great start to the series.   Third top grossing opening weekend ever, and it is the top for a non-sequel. The other movies that have raked in that much are all sequels.  This could be a multi-billion dollar series when all is said and done.

If you saw it, what did you think?  If not, why not?  


4 responses to “The Hunger Games: A review

  • decimates

    I really enjoyed the movie, and in all honesty, felt like it surpassed the actually books in some aspects. The Game itself for very well filmed, and managed to keep true to the brutality of the book but still stay tasteful which I thought was great.

    • Carnitas Fever

      I agree. I was really happy to see a lot of the technology used by the Capitol to run the games. It just makes them out to be so much worse seeing all of the resources the Capitol has, and they use it to cause death and pain.

  • ann

    I think i’m going to see it this weekend! I’ll be sure to sit a little farther back to help with the motion sickness!

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