Transformers: Prime Commander Class Part 2: Bulkhead and Starscream

Today we are going to take a look at the rest of the Commander Class wave 2 figures: Bulkhead and Starscream.  Last time we took a look at the two leaders of the teams.  This time we are looking at a couple of the soldiers.  They could not be more different.  Bulkhead is loyal, strong, and straightforward.  While Starscream is skinny (to a fault), more mentally fit, and a backstabber.  He definitely gives a bad name to being a Decepticon.


We will start with a look at that back stabbing Starscream.  In the Commander Class version, he is pretty straight forward as far as tranformations go.  He does not have anything that stands out that makes him fantastic.  His hands are sculpted into the nose of his jet mode, and does detract from the appearance a bit.  I do like how his wings and tail fold up, and out of the way.

It is interesting how, mounting the weapons on his arms, is the storage method of the weapons, as all of the Commander figures have.  The weapons can also be held in the hands, which make quite a menacing weapon to be sure.

Much like his boss, Starscream has a lot of funny bits that hang off of his jet mode that hinder the “disguise” part of the toy.  Most notably are the feet that are right in the middle of the jet’s body.  There is also quite a gap down the middle of the nose.   Overall, he looks quite a bit like his Deluxe class version, an looks like his cartoon version in both modes, but not my favorite.


Speaking of my favorites…  Bulkhead is done just right. He is a well designed robot and vehicle.  I think both are pulled off well.

Starting in robot mode, he is really well done, representing his tough self that we know and love.  The design follows closely with the Animated style, going for the top-heavy, big jaw that has made him a fan favorite.   The sculpt is fantastic, as Hasbro really handles the design and gets it sized down to the Commander Scale.

As per usual, Bulkhead comes with a storage hole for his weapon, a big fat mace for smashing the Cons.  From the back, there are a lot of hopes and gaps in the body, but that is to be expected in the smaller scale… and who wants to look at them from the back anyway?

And then there is the vehicle mode.  I think this is by far the best Commander Class design.  Not only does it look right compared to the show, but the design does a really good job of hiding all the robot parts.  The front end is low, but not necessarily recognizable as body parts, as we saw with the Decepticons from the same series.

Bulkhead and Optimus vs. Megatron and Starscream.   Good pairings to face off in the Commander Series.  I do like this larger scale compared to the much smaller Legion Class.  The figures have much better articulation and transformation.

Drive vs. Flight.  Generally the way the lines are drawn for Transformers.   They do get a bit blurred here in the Prime version.  I am hoping to see some of those driving Decepticons here in the near future.

Big vs. Small.  My only two Legion Class figures to give a comparison in size between them and the Commander Class.  I think Arcee looks okay in that scale compared, but I think Ratchet is too small. He should be much closer to Bulkhead’s size.  I do understand why Bulkhead was chosen though.

Coming up next, it is comparison time.  I have the new versions of Arcee and Bumblebee in hand and photos taken.  I am going to compare them with the premiere versions and see if the new figures are an improvement, or a dud.   I have side by side looks at both.


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