Commander Class Transformers: Prime – The Bosses

Today we are going to have a look at two of the 4 Commander class figures in Series 2.  What happened to series 1?  Your guess is as good as mine.  We will be looking at #001 Optimus Prime, and #004 Megatron.


For those that don’t know, the Commander Class figures are the larger of the small scale Transformer figures.  That usually means more transformation, and better articulation.

Optimus Prime:

In his robot mode, you can see Optimus is just a smaller version of the Voyager Class figure that came out in Series 1.   They are staying with the clear weapon theme that we saw with the smaller Legion Class figures.  These are made from hard plastic however, and way better than the cheap feeling rubber material that we got with the Legion figures.

One of the best features of the Commander Class figures is the ability for the figures to hold their own weapons on their backs.  A nice touch there.

In truck mode, Optimus is not so much of a “Robot in Disguise.”  Being smaller scale, it is harder to get all the parts to fit inside, so we are stuck with funny looking things like gaps where the doors should be.  Luckily the rest of the body fold in really nice, and there is actually a really well designed transformation that allows the legs to fold up into the cab of the truck.  That allows the legs to be made up of the hood of the truck as well as the blue back end of the truck.

And of course we need to be able to mount the guns so they can be used while he is in truck mode.  Unfortunately there is no other storage for the guns in vehicle mode other than mounting them to the roof or the hood.

And just in case you were wondering how Commander Series – Prime, Optimus and DOTM Optimus compared, they are pretty close.  The transformation is actually quite a bit more involved with Prime, Optimus.



Megatron is exactly what you would expect.  Big, silver and purple, a mean look on his face, and a giant cannon on one arm.  I really like the clear purple plastic they used to make him.   Optimus also had a central core of clear blue, but his did not show as much as Megatron’s does.  Megatron’s cannon is attached to the body with a pivot and ball joint.  No storing that weapon for safe keeping.  He does come with a sword that can be attached to a hole above his hand, or can be placed in the cannon.

The sword can be stored on his back.  You can see just how much of his back is the clear plastic, and the purple matches his weapon.  Unlike Optimus, which I think would have benefited from having darker guns to match his body color.

Megatron has some great transforming parts to get him into spaceship mode.  It is a little too bad that his spaceship is not that good looking.  Much like the larger Voyager Class figure (review pending), his head sticks out of the middle of the ship and takes away from the disguise of it all.  It is too easy to look at the ship and be able to pick out all of the different body parts.

Overall, two solid figures.  I am not a huge fan of the smaller scale figures, but these Commander Class figures are better than the Legion class.   I am wondering if we are going to see the development of sets like we saw with the smaller scale DOTM figures when the last movie came out.  Hasbro made quite a few sets, and additional parts like the trailer for Optimus.  I did notice that the 5th wheel on the truck was pretty well detailed, which made it look like it could support a trailer.

They both have their good and bad points.  I think both figures are best suited in robot mode, falling short in vehicle mode.

Up next, I have the other two figures: Bulkhead and Starscream.  Bulkhead is my favorite of the Commander figures, with some great transforming, and a killer vehicle mode.  Starscream… not so much.  Don’t forget to come back and check it out.  It was raining Prime figures this past week.  You will not want to miss it.


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