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So many Nerds, So little time

This weekend was what I am sure was the largest turnout for the Toy Show that I have ever seen.  The Santa Clara Fairgrounds were hoppin’.   I always go to the Early Bird time, where you pay a little more to get in, but you don’t have to fight the lines or the crowds.   This time was a bit different though.  I actually had to wait in line to get into the event on Saturday.  So, I knew this was not a normal event.

Upon gaining entry, it was already busy with people.   Not so many as it was too crowded, but there was a lot going on.   One wall was especially busy, being set-up for the impending entry by none other than Billy Dee Williams.   You know, Lando Calrissian from Star Wars.   Of course you do.  Why would you be reading a toy blog and not know of Billy Dee Williams.

When I was standing in line in front of a guy waiting to get into the toy show.  He seemed really excited that Billy Dee was going to be at the show.  I asked him if he brought anything to get signed.  He replied that he might pick up something at the show.

He referenced some obscure movie, so I figured he was a big fan.   I commented that he should have brought “a nice Colt, 45.”   The guy gave me a blank stare.  I mean come on.   It is Lando, Harvy Dent from 1989 Batman, and the Colt 45 guy.

In case you are totally lost on my reference, the magic of the internet and YouTube bring to you, the man himself, selling a product in a way that only a traitor to the Alliance can.   Haha, just kidding, I know he was trying to protect all the people of Cloud City.  If Han doesn’t hold a grudge, than neither do I.

I grabbed some good stuff while I was there, with my friend Ann.  It was great having a wingman, or wingwoman in this case.   It was fun walking and talking, poking fun at some silly toys, and drooling over others.

On one trip around the hall, we made it back to the Billy Dee side, and there must have easily been 200 people in line carrying everything you can think of for him to sign.

When we finished three rounds in the hall, we were ready to leave.  Goods in hand, we went out the front door to what must have been the biggest line I have ever seen waiting to get in.  I don’t know if it was the star power draw of Billy Dee, or if the show has grown that much since December, but THAT was some line.

After a little lunch at Five Guys, it was off to home to rest my tired feet and watch a movie.   That was a good Saturday.

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