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Transformers: Prime – Legion Class Arcee and Ratchet

A few more of the Transformers: Prime figures have started to trickle out there.  And boy do I mean trickle.  I am not a huge fan of the little Legion class figures, but Dark of the Moon had some really nice figures with good tranformations, and well done vehicle modes.   I figured I would give a few of these a try to see how they are.   Um… disappointed is a word that comes to mind.  Mostly in Arcee.

In robot mode, Arcee is okay.  She has some funny wings hanging off the back that don’t look anything like her TV counterpart. The rest of her is okay, with a pretty good face and the paint is pretty well done.   I am probably jaded a bit by her larger Deluxe figure that came out earlier that looks absolutely spot-on, and has some extremely well done transforming.

I start to loose faith in the figure as we get to the vehicle mode.  There is a place over her back tire where the two parts of her legs are supposed to stick together, and they barely do, some of the time.   The sides of the bike just stay in place, with no post or tab of any sort.   You can also see her back tire is off the ground from the bottom of the bike touching.    In all, this is not a very player friendly toy.

And let’s not forget about the horrible rubber weapon she comes with.  It pulls her over with no chance of her being able to stay up.  These weapons are terrible, both coming out of the packaging bent.

Thankfully, Ratchet does much better.

Ratchet’s robot mode looks really good.   They were able to give him all of this chest and head detail, and it is really well done.   His feet were quite a surprise for me.  Usually figures like this don’t have feet that move, but Ratchet’s do.   That helps to give him a nice stance.

In vehicle mode, Ratchet looks pretty good.  I think the wheels are a bit on the small side for how big of a vehicle he is.    The transformation for Ratchet is really well executed.  There are not very many moving parts, which is to be expected, so everything fits together well.

Just like with the previous Legion figures, they do fit in very well with the 1/64 scale vehicles like Hot Wheels and Matchbox.  This is great for kids who want to integrate the figures in with their other toys.

These figures are running about $6 a pop.  That is a pretty high price tag, but you have to pay to get moving parts these days, and we are always paying more for plastic all the time.  They are keeping pretty constant with the trend.

Luckily I also got a larger Voyager Class Transformer of Optimus Prime.  And he is really cool.   Come back tomorrow and see what the Prime of all Primes has in store.

G.I. Joe – Retaliation

Is this the G.I. Joe movie we should have gotten the first time around?   It looks like more action, more ninjas, more cool futuristic weapons, and less super-suits.

I think they are on a better track this time around.   It looks like they are taking the idea of the animated series, Renegades, and making it live-action.   What do you think?

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