Transformers: Prime – Wheeljack

Wheeljack has been a fan favorite since ’84.  In the new Prime series, we get him once again, and he looks really close to the original.

In his vehicle mode, he looks really similar to the original design.  Originally designed after a Lancia Statos:

They stuck with the classic design of white with red and green deco.  More futuristic in this version, it still has many of the telltale design qualities that people would still be able to recognize today as typical for Wheeljack.

Just to make sure you know he means business, the two swords Wheeljack carries under his chassis can be attached to the front of the car.  How’s this for a brush guard?

And just in case you wanted to make sure nobody drives too close, the swords can also be attached to his rear quarter panel to help him ‘slice’ through traffic.

OMG!  It’s Wheeljack!   They did such a great job, making sure his face looks right.  He has the telltale mask over his mouth (which is not always there), and his big ‘ears’ sticking out the side.  I am glad they went with this head version instead of going with the mouth version.  I know they had a choice, and I am glad they went with what would make all of us G1 fans happy.

Remember how great Wheeljack looked with that big rocket on his shoulder…

Oh, I mean, remember how Wheeljack was so cool because he had two samurai swords and looked a lot like he should be Drift?  Um, I don’t remember Wheeljack having swords.  That’s right, he didn’t.  Guess they wanted to move away from the giant missile on the shoulder thing.   Let’s make him a bad-ass by giving him swords instead.  Okay, I am down with that.   They are a pair of nice swords that can be held in his hands, or attached to the holes in his shoulders.

A little shorter than Bumblebee, he is the gap between Bee and Cliffjumper that keeps Cliffjumper from looking like a MiniCon.  Wheeljack is a great addition to the team.  He has a great look that fits in with the other figures.  He also has some great transformation.  He takes about five or six steps just to get his legs transformed.  They really did a lot of work on the figure to make him just right.

The hunt continues.  There are a lot of new figures still out there I have not seen yet.  I guess they will continue to trickle out.

5 responses to “Transformers: Prime – Wheeljack

  • bd77

    Now this is one of the better new Transformers.
    Never liked the idea where some of them has a mouth (e.g Prime) and one of them becomes looking ape-like (Bayformers’ Starscream).

  • CookSux

    Oh my, I’m really anxious to get some Prime toys. I do wish it was a little taller though.

  • Jason

    I haven’t seen too many of the Prime toys(only Optimus and Bumblebee). But this one has me all sorts of exited! First the Generations Wheeljack, and now the Prime version. The Prime series is good, but I haven’t watched much of it. The only figure I really want to get so far are Wheeljack(he jumped right to the top), Megatron and Starscream(if they make a Bulkhead, he’s on the list too). The only thing besides the samurai swords, that I would change, would be a little more green deco. Still a nice looking figure.

    • Carnitas Fever

      Well, apparently Bulkhead is out there. He came out with the premiere wave, and he is supposed to come out again in Wave 1. We will see though. They are really just trickling out so far. I have my eyes peeled for them. Very excited.

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