ThunderCats: Armor of Omens

Today, I am looking at the new Armor of Omens for the ThunderCats line by Bandai.  When I first saw picture of the Armor, I was thinking it was going to be in the 6 inch line of figures.  Come to find out, it is in the 4 inch line, and it is a vehicle.   It comes with a giant Sword of Omens and an exclusive gold Lion-O.

Generally when a toy line has an exclusive figure that comes with a vehicle, it is usually a less articulated version of another figure.   This one is no different, with about half of the regular articulation we see in the ThunderCats line.   It does serve the purpose of giving a kid a figure that can plug into the magnet inside the armor if they don’t already have a figure that size.  As with the vehicles we have seen in the ThunderCats line so far, we get lights and sounds.   The eyes have a really cool red glow.

The Armor opens with the chrome lion head pivoting up, while the rest of the torso drops down.   The figure clicks into the magnet holder on his back, and allows the armor to make more sounds, of course including “ThunderCats, Ho!”

In case you were wondering, the standard Lion-O also fits into the armor without his glove or sword.

Since this is a vehicle and not an actual figure, I was a little worried about the articulation for the armor.   It have shoulder swivel, as well as a bend in the arm with a pivot to allow the hand to rotate.   The head also has some movement, but is limited by the long mane down the back.

There is no articulation in the legs, due to the need to use all the way down to the knees to create the opening in the front.  The opening front was really well designed and is well hidden in the body.

There is also a tail that can swivel around.

Here is the family of Lion-Os so far.  4 inch, 6 inch, and now the giant Armor of Omens.  I am so happy this line is continuing, we are getting some pretty nice looking figures and vehicles.


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