Ever have one of those great surprises in a day?

After work yesterday I has to run an errand for a science class. Starch. Lots of liquid starch. I decided to go to SaveMart since they always have what I needed before.
While in there, I went to the frozen food aisle. Of course that is where they keep the Hot Wheels.
Giving a quick once over, nearly all of the cars were from the 2011 line. So, either I had the ones I wanted, or did not care about them.
But, not being able to leave it at a superficial
Look, I started to dig. In less than a minute I came across a Treasure Hunt car. Now I don’t care about the TH cars usually, but there was one I always wanted, the Datsun 240Z. And here it was in my hand. Totally worth braving the torrential downpour.
They bagger at the counter said I couldn’t open it. I know they are worth something since they are limited, but I really just wanted the car. What do you think, open or no open??

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