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DC Universe Action League Wave 5: Flashpoint

On my outing yesterday, I was surprised to see a new wave of Action League figures.   It seems like it has been so long since the last wave came out, and I was starting to wonder if they had gone to the wayside.

But, there they were, in all of their miniature plastic glory.  Wave 5 is based on the 2011 storyline called Flashpoint.  Named for the Flash characters who are the only ones who realize there is something wrong.

I decided to grab one set: Wonder Woman vs Aquaman.

I know what you are thinking, those of you who are not avid comic readers: “Wha? Wonder Woman verses Aquaman? Aren’t they both good guys?”  Well, apparently not in this alternate reality.  Wonder Woman, known as Princess Diana has killed Mara, which leads Aquaman to rally Atlantis against the Amazons.

I grabbed this set because seeing WW in a unique armor outfit is just too fun to pass up.  She has a great variety of colors that really make her outfit stand out.   As with the standard design of the Action League figures, she has very little articulation.   Head swivel, and both arms swivel at the shoulder.  Her stance is nice and solid.

Aquaman comes ready for battle.  Holding his trident, which can be removed from his hand, he is in a running pose.  He has one more part of articulation than WW where he swivels at the waist.   He comes with a stand which he does need in order to keep from falling onto his face.

There are three more sets in the series.  Project: Superman & Batman, Cyborg & Element Woman, and The Flash Vs. Citizen Cold.  At this point I am going to wait for the rest of the wave.   The price on these little guys just keep on creeping higher.   With only three or four points of articulation, and such easy designs, I don’t think the continued higher prices are worth it.   But then again, they may surprise me with some outstanding figures for the next wave.  We will have to wait and see.

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