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Transformers: Prime – Cliffjumper

It has been a while since the “First Edition” series of Transformers: Prime figures came out.   As I am writing this I realized I blogged about Bumblebee, but I have Arcee and Starscream pictures sitting on my desktop waiting to be added.  All in due time I guess.    I did a little more research into the “First Edition” line and found out that I missed the first version of Cliffjumper, as well as Tericon, Bulkhead, and Optimus. I find that to be one of the biggest problems with early waves of figures. They get under ordered or not ordered at all.

Today I am looking at the main man, the tough guy of tough guys, Cliffjumper.  This version appears to be better than the first version.

Generally speaking, Cliffjumper was just a red version of Bumblebee.  Not this time my friends, not this time.  He is uniquely all his own.

A classic muscle car appearance, that is different from all other vehicles to date.  He is an outstanding vehicle.  He rolls well, the lines are nice and tight.  And he look so close to his cartoon counterpart.  He has his trademark horns on the hood, and great sidepipes angling out behind the doors on both sides.

CJ comes with a Battle Hammer.   What is that you ask?  Beats me.  Just another gimmick that Hasbro has come up with to show that the toys come with accessories.  Personally not my favorite, since we saw CJ blowing up the bad guys with an awesome arm cannon.  That would have been a good one to have.

The Battle Hammer can be mounted in the roof or the side of the car.  There are holes in both.  Unlike some of the previous Dark of the Moon figures, CJ does not have a special cover that slides into the hole.  He is just left with a hole in the roof.  Luckily the hole in the side does not look quite so out there and obvious.

In robot mode, CJ has a short powerful stance.   Unlike the facial redesign of Bumblebee, Cliffjumper managed to hang onto his horns.   He has really good articulation all over, as we expect from the more current Transformers.  He has nice big feet to allow him to stand firmly on the ground.  He also comes with hands that can grip all standard weapons that have come with the figures over the past few years.

The Battle Hammer looks way better in his hand than on his roof.  It can be stored on his back since the roof is still there.

The proof is in the picture.  Bumblebee is quite a bit larger than Cliffjumper.  They do not have anything in common between the two of them.  So much for the “brother” aspect.  I am guessing since there are so few characters in Prime, they really wanted to differentiate between the figures the do have.

Now I have a long standing love for Bumblebee.  I have more Bees than any other figure.  But to be honest, I REALLY like Cliffjumper better than Bumblebee in this case.   He is a better looking vehicle, and he looks closer to the classic design in his robot mode.

Coming out at some point I guess, we will get Deluxe figures of Wheeljack, Soundwave, Bumblebee (2nd mold), Ratchet, and Arcee (2nd mold).  Later we will see Vehicon (2nd mold), Knock Out, and Hot Shot.  We will also get the Voyager Class, called Powerizers, of Optimus Prime and Megatron.

I am not too sure about all of these 2nd molds so early on in a line.  I guess they had a lot of stuff to work out.  I am really happy with what I have seen so far.  Looking forward to more soon.

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