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Play Arts: Street Fighter IV: Ryu

Now we take a look at the male side of this first wave of Play Arts, Street Fighter Characters, Ryu.  One of my favorite figures after Chun-Li, Ryu was always the strong silent type compared to Ken.  Much more reserved, but with a great attack.

Shown here, he comes with all his 26+ points of articulation plus an extra face, alternate hands, and his energy blast.

Ryu has really nice articulation.  It can be a little tricky to get his hands to bend since he has the wrist covers that make it hard to reach the ball joint inside.   He has really nice head movement, as well as the great shoulder movement to allow the arms to come over the chest.  He has the same knee joints as Chun-Li, but they are able to be so much larger on Ryu, and fill in so much better on the male figures.   He has movement on his chest, on the waist, and hips.  The feet can swivel and bend as well.

His first face is pretty standard.  An unhappy look on his face.  Not that there would be much more you can ask from Ryu as he gets ready for a fight.  You can see on his right arm, the articulation ball at the elbow.  It is a tan color that does not match the rest of his body, but for the most part is well covered by the muscles of his arm.  They are not straight cuts, but follow flows of the muscle.  A really nice touch there.  You can also see that his body is slightly glossy.  I am guessing that is supposed to simulate sweat.  his clothing does not have this.

If you thought that grimace was rough, wait til you get a load of his angry face.  Now THAT is a guy I would not want to go up against.   Here he is with his alternate hands as well.   They make for such a dynamic difference in the figure.  His face changes quite differently from Chun-Li’s.  For Ryu, you pull out on his chin, and his face slides down.  An easy switch without having to take off the head.

And of course he would not be complete without a bit of power.  Play Arts made the stand so short, it gets tricky trying to drop the figure low enough to show them using the power.  I would almost rather there have been a way to attach it to their hands instead.

All-in-all, two very nice figures.  It takes some work to get them into poses, with some of the joints making multiple pivots.   They are really fun to play with, and they look really nice displayed with my other Anime figures.  These are two very large action figures, and they are really well detailed.   One thing I would have liked, would have been some kind of support for them to make air maneuvers.  You know, the Shoryuken! or the Hyakuretsukyaku.

Looks like we will see Cammy and Akuma next.  Going with the one male and one female for the next round.  Cammy is another great character, and who would not want a figure with posable pony tails?  As for Akuma, he is ugly as he**.  I think he may be another great addition.  He is not a favorite of mine, but the figure has some really great looking sculpting.


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