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Round 2 of ThunderCats 6 inch Figures: Cheetara

I was SOOOOO happy to hear the news that the new 6 inch figures were coming out for ThunderCats.   Good on two fronts.  First, we get more of the show, which I happen to like very much.  Second, it is great to get more of the large scale 6 inch figures.   Lion-O and Panthro were great starting figures, but there are more members of the team that I really wanted to get my hands on.

First up, and one that was the best surprise to me was Cheetara.   Let’s just say that boys don’t like playing with girls.  Real girls or plastic girls.  Even though some of the best team members ever to grace the TV screen were girls, the boys just don’t want to pretend with them.   Thankfully, Bandai threw us collectors a bone on this one, and really went of it.  Bringing out Cheetara first in the second wave of figures.  Soon to follow should be Tigra and Lion-O’s dad(?).


Bandai did a really good job here, giving her the athletic look that she has in the show, but not making her too skinny or giving her a strange face, the way many of the female toys turn out.   Her coloring is crisp and really well done.   I do have to say I am a little bummed to see the dark posts holding the joints together.  I was hoping for the second round of figures, they would do something about that.   Ah well, at least it is just a little nit-pick.

Sher comes with her staff.  I am glad to report that this staff is make of nicer plastic than her smaller-scale self, and it is really nice and straight.  She comes with the massive amount of articulation that we expect from this scale of figure, and all of the joints are nice and tight.

Though her hair makes her a bit top-heavy, I am really happy with the way they designed to allow her arms to move in any way you want.   It does limit her head movement to just about nothing.  With the long hair and the high collar, there is not much room for movement.   It only effects the dynamic poses.

With the great articulation, Cheetara can be posed in quite a few great poses.  Add in the staff, and she has even greater posability than the other Cats.  One of the best joints are in her ankles.  Her feet can move from side to side as well as front to back.

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