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Unicorn Gundam progress


He is getting there. A few busy days makes for slow work. I am amazed at how cool the design work is to allow parts to move.

So, head, upper torso, lower torso, and one arm complete. I have the other arm, both legs, and the weapons to go. Then the decals which I think will really bring this character to life.

There are a few really busy days coming up with family visiting for Christmas, but hopefully I can get some more done. I may have to steal away for a few hours in some family down time.


Quick Pics: Marvel Vs Capcom MiniMates

Today are some quick pics of the Marvel Vs Capcom line of MiniMates.   There are a LOT of accessories that go along with the figures.  Some stands, and more extra weapons than these guys know what to do with.   Stand out favorites are Deadpool and Dante.   Both are really well done.  I am a little bummed that Deadpool does not come with the straps to hold his swords, nor holsters for his guns.  Ah well, can’t have everything.  At least we get a great looking Super Weapon for Iron Man.

Deadpool and Dante

Iron Man and Arthur

Iron Man and Arthur facing off

Magneto and Zero

Hulk and Mike Haggar

All 8 figures

8 figures plus the first 4 pack including Morrigan, Red Hulk, Stealth Iron Man and Mega Man Zero

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