Look for the good Christmas Deals

The week before last I was out at Toys R Us, just taking my time looking around, and I came across this older Action League set from Batman The Brave and the Bold.
We have since moved on, this line becoming the DC Universe Action League. Same figures, new title. So being able to find some of the older Brave and the Bold stuff is a good find. To find one of these 2-packs with a big figure is great.
Best of all, this was still priced back to the 2009 pricing, so I got it for cheaper than the current Action League figures that do not have a giant figure.
On top of everything else, the Chemo figure is really great.

So, the stores are crowded, the lines long, and the drivers are nuts. But the deals are out there, and occasionally there is a good find to be had. Remember, most of the people in the stores right now don’t know what they are looking at anyway. Watch for those diamonds in the rough.

Happy hunting.


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