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New Offerings for the Transformers Cyberverse line from Dark of the Moon

Out of the corner of my eye, almost missed altogether, I saw some new figures from the Cyberverse line from Dark of the Moon.  If you are not familiar with them, they are the smaller figures generally under the title of “Scout” class.   In this line they are made up of the little “Legion” vehicles, and the larger and more complex “Commander” vehicles.  The likes of Optimus Prime are Commander, while Bumblebee would be Legion.

This time around, we have two Autobots who really look like a team.  Autobot Guzzle and Flak:

Guzzle is the big hulking “Commander” sized dude, while Flak is the smaller guy to his right.   These guys are both military vehicles, though you can only see their camo paint scheme so far.  I bet you can figure Guzzle out pretty easily though.

As usual with these figures, the Commander figure comes with a gun.  It is a bit dark in Guzzle’s left hand.  It is a really cool design, where two of the top-mounted vehicle weapons come together to make a bigger robot weapon.   Pretty neat for a small figure. Most of the Legion figures don’t have weapons to hold, so it was nice to see Flak have a weapon that rotates and becomes a primary weapon over his shoulder.

Flak folds down into a troop carrier.  There is nothing too remarkable about his transformation.   I do like the movability of the gun, and the usefulness in both modes.

Guzzle transforms into a tank.   No surprise there.   Also no surprise of his name either right?  Just like a tank drinking fuel, Guzzle is known for taking enormous amounts of Energon to keep running.  Guzzle does have some fancy little folds  to get him down into that tight tank body.  He does not have bunches of robot pieces like is larger brothers tend to have.

Speaking of which, with a brother of sorts.  To show that good things do come in small packages.  At about a third the size, he is really well made, and looks really accurate to a real tank.

We will end this little post of little robots with a little fun.   A nod to the Robotech fans out there.  You gave us Jetfire, so here is a tank version of when a Robotech jet grows legs.  I can’t tell you if this is much use, but it looked fun none the less.   And he has some great feet for a little guy.


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