Transformers: Prime – Bumblebee

And it begins anew…again.   Transformers: Prime has been out for a while.  I still hate you Hasbro for putting your show that I REALLY want to see on your dumb little channel that I cannot watch.  You are forcing me to watch them online.  And heaven forbid that they could put them on their site?  NO, they put little snipets of show that just get the juices flowing, but they are too short.

Anyway, rant over.  I am looking at the first figure to show-up at Toys R Us… at least the one figure that showed up at the one Toys R Us.  Bumblebee.  I know, I don’t need another Bumblebee, but I do want another Bumblebee.  I love him.  What can I say.  Even giving him another non-speaking role, I like him.

He comes with a stand.  It is just a folded piece of cardboard, but it is nice none-the-less.  And the best part is that I did not have to fold it.  If I was forced to fold it, it would have ended up in the recycle bin along with all of that cardboard background junk from the Star Wars figures.

Bumblebee is very much himself in this incarnation.   Taking similarities from the recent movies, he is a nice sturdy figure.   He has his telltale doors flipped out and a nice combo of yellow and black.  The addition of an arm-mounted gun to give this little bee a bit of a sting.

His head design is nice, once again taking cues from the movie Bee.  I would liked to have seen the return of the G1 horns that he sported so well.  Maybe if we get a Cliffjumper figure, we will see the horns.  He did have them in the first episode of the show.

In either a “come and get me”, or “I surrender” stance.  More to the point that he can actually raise his hands. Amazing for a Transformer.  Generally they are very limited in that upwards movement, but Bee is so well designed, and he can really articulate.

In vehicle mode, his is sort of an updated, futuristic version of his movie self.  Black lines run all over him, and his hood has the engine sticking out.   Stocky and tough looking, just the way we like him.   The gun is supposed to mount under the back end of the car, kind of sticking to his feet, but mine does not stay well and ends up flicking off.

A little glance at a tiny portion of my Bumbebee figures.   Just a look at the evolution of Bumblebee in the past few years.  With Prime Bee is Reveal the Shield, Generations (War for Cybertron), Movie, and Animated.   It is really neat to see how there can be a lot of different figures of the same character, but still hold some of the most important aspects that make him who he is.

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