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San Jose Toy Show Haul Final: Shikinami Asuka Langley – Evangelion 2.0

My final piece that I pried out of the San Jose Toy Show.  I almost missed her, but stopped on my way out.  I love the Anime/manga figures.  Especially the likes of Revoltech.  They make some great figures, and they are so well designed with so many points of articulation.  I was happy to find Asuka.

Here you can see her with her stand, two extra faces, a box to hold her stuff, her doll, a phone, mic, and five extra sets of hands.  That is a lot of accessories.  If you can’t make the poses you want, then you are not trying hard enough.

The stand, which I have noticed with other Revoltech figures, cannot touch the ground when they are on their stand.  Strange.   Asuka has some great movement for some dynamic poses.  She is top heavy with all of that hair (which is also articulated).

As you can see, you can get her body into some pretty folded up positions.  One drawback is in her belly area.  They made a rubber type piece to give her a smooth belly instead of the typical break at the waist.  Unfortunately, it wants to bounce back, giving her a bit of a stiff back appearance in her poses.

Hey, what is Asuka looking at?  Haha, she made you look.

She has a full range of motion.  Some of the articulation is a little hard to find.   Her arm moves around on a pivot in the shoulder.  But there is a second twist motion in the arm part of her shoulder too.

“Well, hello there.  Aren’t you a cute little teddy bear.”

“Isn’t he cute?”

“Gah, let me go girl!”

Uh, oh!  Asuka is in trouble now.

She is too much fun to not play with.  With the different faces and the different hands, she can be made to do almost anything.  I guess now I will have to look for the rest of the Evangelion 2.0 team.  I just saw them online.  I knew something like this would happen.  🙂

The San Jose Toy Show was fantastic.  I can’t wait to go back in March, right at my birthday.  The suppliers better be ready.  Here I come.

Up next, a look at some new Transformers.  Transformers Prime anyone?


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