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San Jose Toy Show Haul Part 1: Marvel MiniMates

I was really surprised and happy when I found these older Marvel MiniMates sets from 2003-2005. I have been a collector from pretty early on, probably about 2004 or 2005.  I had a bit of a challenge going back and getting some of the first sets, but this was a gold mine for a collector.  All in one place, and all for a great price.  Just $4.00 a set. That was cheaper than they cost originally.  Priced to sell, and sell they did.   And for your enjoyment, opened and displayed:

Here are the five sets I grabbed.   I will show you the sets in order of appearance.  This was before all of the special packaging that we get now from Art Asylum and Diamond Select.   The Gaijin Wolverine and Dark Phoenix sets are both San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.  But they don’t even say anything about it.

Logan and Storm from 2003 wave 3.   Logan is wearing his street clothes, similar to the Days of Future Past outfit he wore.   Storm… well, Storm is in one funky outfit.  Something with a mix of Khan from Star Trek and a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.  I do like the nice smooth long hair.  She also has a great big pair of boots.

The Leader and Gamma Hulk from 2004 Wave 6.  I think this is my favorite set of the new figures.   Gamma Hulk is pretty cool in his clear green.  In recent years, Hulk has been pumped up in the MiniMate lines.   He has been given feet to make him taller, and extra muscle pieces.  Here in a standard 2 inch size, it still works.  He is still the Hulk.   As for the Leader, that is one BIG head.  I have seen some people online doing some modifications to make big-headed MiniMates, but this is the only one I know of that is a single-piece big head.

Wha?  Another Wolverine?  Of course.  The best selling character Marvel has.  Gotta put him in as many outfits and expressions as they can.   Here with Mariko in this San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive from 2004.  This is a great set.  One, because we do not get to see a lot of Mariko, Logan’s love of his life, but to have her in a figure is extra cool.  Plus, Wolverine is in his Gaijin brown outfit.  Cool only because when I was young in my comic reading life, this was the outfit he was wearing.  An X-Man on the outside of the team.

Dark Phoenix and Cyclops from SDCC 2005.   Give up dude, you are never going to get the girl you want.  Dark Phoenix has great paint here, really looking like she is wearing metal.  She is also very angry.  And then there is Scott Summers, in his classic visor and covered head.   A classic look.

Firestar and Iceman.   Iceman is clear.  Nice!  With the blue paint, he looks great. He also comes with an accessory, an ice ball on his fist.   Standing by Firestar, these two really are opposing forces.  Um… Firestar looks oddly familiar.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  Hmmmm……  Oh yeah:

Can you say “repaint?”  Down to the hair and flames.  Dark Phoenix just has the addition of her belt.

New X-Men characters, Hulk characters, and Firestar.  I could not figure out how she fit in with Iceman, other than having fought the X-Men at some point.  Might have been better if she were with some Avengers.   Oh well.

Up next, part 2 of my good finds at the San Jose Toy Show.


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