Black Friday is DONE!

Hope you were able to get home okay if you went out on Black Friday to get some good stuff.

This year looked to be the biggest attempt by the companies to get people into their stores.  From Toys R Us, opening on Thanksgiving night, to nearly all stores opening at midnight.  This is THAT time of the year, that toy collectors love and dread.   Toys go on sale like crazy… just not the toys we actually want to buy.  The toys we see going on sale are the toys nobody wanted in the first place.  People who don’t have a clue about toys are going into toy stores and venturing down the toy aisle and picking random stuff for their kids as well as for the kids of others.   Generally not a good idea.  They are drawn to the big displays and think, “Hmmm, they have a lot of this toy, it must be popular.”   No, it is the tons of extras that WalMart overbought, and now they are pawning it off on unsuspecting noobs to the toy world.  Poor little Jimmy, he will be opening a present from Aunt Petunia, and have to put on a happy face for a toy he has never seen, and will never, ever play with.

This is also the time of the year where toys start flying off the shelf.  It is not a good time to see something and then think to yourself that you will wait until the next time you come into the store to buy it.  I HATE it when new toys come out at this time of year.  It is good for the companies, but bad for the collectors.  For the most part, toy collectors are very diligent in their search.  Having random people come into the stores, messes with that rhythm.

Ah, but this can also be a good time too.  As the stores are clearing shelves from all the product being bought, the employees are sent to the back to find items to restock with.  Sometimes that can be a great thing.  As the boxes are emptied, there are times that toys come forth from the depths of storage areas that have not seen light in years.  Missed boxes of some great older lines and waves can hit the shelves.

Cyber-Monday is upon us next.   Check those online sites for some great deals.  Keep your eyes peeled, it is Open Season on good deals from here on out.  Look for that free shipping that likes to sneak online.   That can be a great way to get something without having to leave the safety of your home.

We,, Hope you survive until Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate.  Good luck, and happy hunting.


2 responses to “Black Friday is DONE!

  • bd77

    Okaaaay~ The more I read about Black Friday the more I’m dreaded about (when comes to buying stuff)…

    Empty shelves…Now that’s a scary sight to behold. D=

    And yes, I do agree on online sales, it’s safer than go join the mad rush only thing is, you’d be also competing with wider scope of users so better get your trigger finger ready. =D

  • evolution

    Hi thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I’ve also added you back. I agree with bd77 – the news surrounding Black Friday are pretty disconcerting. With that said, I think I’ll join the hordes of users camping out on those online shops. Hope I get lucky 🙂

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