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Currently Reading: The Marvelous Land of Oz

After finishing The Wonderful Wizard of Oz graphic novel a few weeks back, I am getting ready to read The Marvelous Land of Oz.

I am really looking forward to reading this book since it has one of my favorite characters, Jack Pumpkin-head.    This time the adventure does not include Dorothy, instead focusing on a boy who is actually from Oz named Tip.

In the opening of the graphic novel, Eric Shanower talks about the history of The Marvelous Land of Oz, and how it was almost the book that wasn’t.   L. Frank Baum did not have any desire to write another Oz book, but after becoming rich off of the musical on Broadway, he felt the desire to do so. It is interesting how close we came to only ever having one story.    Then we end up with over 40 stories, spanning from The Wizard of Oz to the Wicked series as of late.

If you have never had a chance to read the Oz books, you should give it a try.  Different from the musical that we still see on TV every now and again, the books go into so much more depth, creating such a rich world.

Take that world, and give it to the artistic vision of Skottie Young, and you really have something.   His art is so free and cute and dynamic, that it really takes you into this amazing world.   At the end of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Young takes us on an indepth look at how he created the characters.  The best is the creation of the lion, going from a lion that is fairly realistic in approach, to the lovable ball of fur we have come to love.

I am really excited to get going on this one.  Anyone else read this one yet?  Plan to?

Black Friday is DONE!

Hope you were able to get home okay if you went out on Black Friday to get some good stuff.

This year looked to be the biggest attempt by the companies to get people into their stores.  From Toys R Us, opening on Thanksgiving night, to nearly all stores opening at midnight.  This is THAT time of the year, that toy collectors love and dread.   Toys go on sale like crazy… just not the toys we actually want to buy.  The toys we see going on sale are the toys nobody wanted in the first place.  People who don’t have a clue about toys are going into toy stores and venturing down the toy aisle and picking random stuff for their kids as well as for the kids of others.   Generally not a good idea.  They are drawn to the big displays and think, “Hmmm, they have a lot of this toy, it must be popular.”   No, it is the tons of extras that WalMart overbought, and now they are pawning it off on unsuspecting noobs to the toy world.  Poor little Jimmy, he will be opening a present from Aunt Petunia, and have to put on a happy face for a toy he has never seen, and will never, ever play with.

This is also the time of the year where toys start flying off the shelf.  It is not a good time to see something and then think to yourself that you will wait until the next time you come into the store to buy it.  I HATE it when new toys come out at this time of year.  It is good for the companies, but bad for the collectors.  For the most part, toy collectors are very diligent in their search.  Having random people come into the stores, messes with that rhythm.

Ah, but this can also be a good time too.  As the stores are clearing shelves from all the product being bought, the employees are sent to the back to find items to restock with.  Sometimes that can be a great thing.  As the boxes are emptied, there are times that toys come forth from the depths of storage areas that have not seen light in years.  Missed boxes of some great older lines and waves can hit the shelves.

Cyber-Monday is upon us next.   Check those online sites for some great deals.  Keep your eyes peeled, it is Open Season on good deals from here on out.  Look for that free shipping that likes to sneak online.   That can be a great way to get something without having to leave the safety of your home.

We,, Hope you survive until Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate.  Good luck, and happy hunting.

ThuderCats Ho! Some more.

Looks like the ThunderCats are doing well.   Over at Toy News International,, they were doing an interview with the people at Bandai about their ThunderCats line.  Apparently doing well, since we will be seeing some new toys coming out soon.   More of the larger scale 6 inch figures are in the works, as well as some of the 4 inch figures.  The four inch figures are especially neat since they are keeping them in scale, so the big guys really are larger than the rest.

We will be getting Tygra and Cheetara in the next wave of 6 inch figures.  A nice add since the Lion-O and Panthro figures turned out so well.   Now that I see the line has some staying power, I might have to go out and finally get the Thunder Tank.  I was a bit hesitant about it since I did not know if we would be seeing any more figures.  Hopefully this means we will get another season of the show as well.

Ame-Comi Wonder Woman (V.3)

Happy Thanksgiving to all.    Here is a little review of the Ame-Comi Wonder Woman Version 3.

This time decked out in armor, and headgear, she looks like a futuristic version of herself.   Very “anime” this time around, with a great unique costume and giant eyes.

Thank  goodness the bad guys always seem to shoot at her upper torso, so those gauntlets come in handy.

The only area I saw some imperfection was between the arms and the armor. The color of blue is off a bit.  Could be due to one being armor and the other being the fabric of her sleeves.  In the immortal words of Napoleon Dynamite, “I like you puffy sleeves.”

All the way down to those great boots.  She has some really great details on her.

With her versions 1 and 2 alternate bodies.  I think DC did a good job of coming up with three very unique designs for their Wonder Women.  Each has a different design to their costumes, but all keep that Wonder Woman quality.  So weather it is cutting the head off Medusa, or fighting something in the near future, she still keeps her look.  A very nice addition to the collection.

As always, look to the right column for the Flickr area to see even more pictures.—->

Strike Witches – Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke

When I first saw pictures of Strike Witches, I did not know what to think.  Girls with WW2 plane engines for legs?  The more I thought about it, the better the idea sounded to me.  I am a fan of Anime, and definitely World War 2.  And to have them thrown together in an alternate past kind of story was really compelling me to watch it.   Finally getting to see it a few months back, I was not disappointed.   Fun times for sure.

I wanted to get one of the statues to go with my collection, so I started with Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke.  Carrying a double-magazine machine gun, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Her face is really well done, with a stern look and the great brown eyes.  Her hair flows around as if she is floating in the air waiting for the enemies to show up.

The bigger picture, the best part are the awesome engines attached to her legs.  Using the power of magic to link to the legs, she has one of the best paint schemes with the camo greens and the yellow stripes.  The propellers do spin freely.

In this picture you can she her from the “back.”  I would like to have seen her turned this way looking.  The support arm comes up the wrong side of the body, so when she is facing forward, the arm is  in the front of the statue.  Not the best design there, and no real way around it.  I tried putting her in the other way around, and turning the arm, but neither worked.   Luckily it is molded in clear plastic, so it is not too noticable.

All in all, a good figure.  She is unique, and fun to have in my collection.  If you have not seen Strike Witches yet, I suggest you do so.  You will not be disappointed.

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