Lookin’ at a Mini Hawkgirl, anime style

Last week I picked up the Ame-Comi Mini Series 3 Hawkgirl.  I was not so interested in the first wave of the figures, as I think the size reduction did not do the figures any favors.   This one was a little different though.

She has a great unique pose where it looks like she is getting ready to pick her mace up off the ground.   This gives her a fun action pose that allows for a different attachment point to the base.

In her smaller version, she has much smaller wings.  Going for a more compact design, but no less detail.  The feathers are outstanding.  She has on the same outfit as her larger version counterpart.

I like the whimsical nature of the one foot being kicked out, like a 40’s era end-of-the-movie kiss.

Her hair is again long in this version, going away from the standard for her comic counterpart.  With the long braid and the flowing cloth, we are able to see much of her movement, as well as in the asymmetry of the wings.

All in all, a good figure.   Well designed with a great pose.  Good sculpt and really nice paint.  It is a little tricky to get her facing the right way since she is attached to the mace and the mace is attached to the ground.  All parts swivel, so you can get her in some really gravity defying poses trying to get her to look right.  But that is some of the fun of the figure.

4 responses to “Lookin’ at a Mini Hawkgirl, anime style

  • Arielle

    can you tell me how to put the mace in her hawkgirls hands? I cant figure it out.

    • Carnitas Fever

      Sure. The mace comes apart between the white wrapped part of the handle and the gold part of the handle. Slide the gold handle down into her hands. It is tight, but it should go all the way down. Then the mace should reattach back onto the gold handle. You will have to play around with it for a while to get her flying straight. Good Luck!

  • Arielle

    thanks so much ! i thought this was how it was done but i didnt want to pull too hard on it incase that wasnt the right way.

  • eric

    NICE little figure. Just got mine in the mail. Including instructions on how to put the mace in her hands would’ve been nice also. Thanks for sharing that!

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