ThunderCats – Mumm-Ra and Lion-O

I decided to look at these two for a very specific reason.  Not because I bought them together, even though I did.  Not because they are the leader of their groups, which they are.  But because of their accessories.

Lets look at Mumm-Ra first:

In all of his bandaged glory, you can see that Mumm-Ra has very little articulation.   We also get that with the kids, but more on them later.   Mumm-Ra has a swivel neck, shoulder rotation, wrist swivel and he swivels at the waist.  No movement below the waist.   The details are really nice, with his body being covered by bandages.  It would have been nice to see the articulation, but probably was not done due to the skinny body parts.   Or Bandai was cheaping out on a few of the figures.  You can see the Power Linx square on his back.  Pretty noticeable on Mumm-Ra.

Getting him out fitted fully, he looks much more like the Mumm-Ra we know and hate.  He suffers from the common cape problem of not being able to stand when dressed.  Luckily it is a long cape and he only slightly falls back.

He comes equipped with a dagger and shield.   More on that later.


Lion-O’s paint is fabulous.   There are lots of colors and details and they are all crisp and clean.   He comes with the Sword of Omens, the Shield of Omens and the dagger.  He has all of  the points of articulation we are used to in the 3 3/4 figures, or 4″ figures as Bandai is calling them.   His right arm is slightly hindered by the shield on his shoulder, but not bad at all.

Lion-O’s Power Linx is much tighter to his body and really does not stand out all that much.

Comparison of the two:

Here is where it gets interesting.  Lion-O of course has the Shield and Sword of Omens.   But what are those that Mumm-Ra is holding.  They appear to be a much more evil version of Lion-O’s weapons.

One of two things, or both may happen.  Of course I am guessing, but isn’t that the fun of a great show like this?   Idea 1: We are going to see a flashback to when Mumm-Ra uses the magic stone he got in the last episode and he is going to make a couple of really bad weapons.  At some point the lions get a hold of it and use it for good.

Idea 2:  Lion-O looses the two weapons to Mumm-Ra and they conform to Mumm-Ra’s evil ways.

Any other ideas you can come up with?  I love the speculation game.


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