Captain America Movie – Winter Soldier (comic series)

Today is a quick look at Winter Soldier from the Captain America movie line of 3 3/4 in. figures.

Coming with a nifty looking jet pack, I decided to go for it and get this figure.  I am not a huge fan of the Cap toy line, though I am a HUGE fan of the recent movie.   The toys are just okay.  They generally feel a little soft, are hard to pose, and their accessories (guns) are usually so soft, they are warped out of shape in the box.

Winter Soldier is pretty bad ass.  I am sure we will be seeing him in at least the next Cap movie if not in the Avengers movie.   As to who’s side he will be on is up in the air.  He has played for both sides in the comics.  As you can see, his sniper rifle has a bit of the box warp in the barrel.   He also has a gun that fits in a holster on his hip.  The plastic of the little gun is REALLY soft, and the holster was squished shut, so it took a long time to get it in there.  I will probably never be able to get it back 0ut again.

On the box he boasts having a “Snap-Open” Jet Pack.  It certainly does not snap.  It is all manual, flipping out the wings and then the two sets of rockets.   It is a pretty nice design. One area that could have been better is when it is on his back.  You can see all of the little parts from the front.   The worse part of the jet pack is that it can barely stay on.  The peg in the pack does not stay in the whole in W. Soldier’s back very well at all.

Unfortunately, the idea behind the Winter Soldier Jet Pack is a little better in the imagination than it is in person.   There is nothing that is horribly wrong with the figure, but as we get up to the $8 range for 3 3/4 figures, I expect a little more.  We are getting double articulation in the knees of nearly all of the figures now, which is really nice.   But we need to get weapons that are straight and don’t look like they were run over by a tank.  And we need accessories that can fit in holsters and hands.  Not a lot to ask… but as long as they (the toy industry) make toys that are weak, I will be very selective in what I buy.

Up next, I will take a look at Bandai’s offering of the 4″ ThunderCats.  We will see if they can pull off something that Hasbro has been struggling with.


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