Classic Lion-O by Bandai

As the new ThunderCats show is underway, Bandai has brought out a few goodies for us.  I got the hook-up at SDCC for the new Lion-O figure.

Lion-O comes with the long and short versions of the Sword of Omen.  He also comes with the glove, and a gripping hand, but those I will show next.  I like that he comes with a display stand for the swords, even though they are technically the same sword.

It is really easy to change hands to make his right hand into the gripping hand.  It is not very tight around the small sword though, and the sword lays a little limp.  The glove comes with an insert that allows it to be clipped into a hole in Lion-O’s hip.  The glove has the same ball and socket to allow it to be attached to the left hand.

Fear not my friends.  The sword also fits into the glove just as it did in the original show.

And of course the classic pose of Lion-O with the long sword in the air.  Overall, he is a nice figure.  Good articulation as per the standards these days.  Double joints in the knees.  The paint is not the best.  There is detail work added around the muscles, but the lines are a bit dark and thick.  And he is REALLY glossy.  He is a cat after all, so he should have a furry-ish body.

There is a standard version coming out this month, as well as Tygra.  And of course we will be seeing lots of stuff from the new show any day now…I hope.  Action figures, vehicles, more action figures, good guys, bad guys, weapons.  So much fun.


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