Masterpiece Rodimus Prime

Here he is.  The much anticipated Toys R Us Comic-Con 2011 exclusive.  For those that did not see yesterday’s post, I was lucky enough to have a friend who went down to SDCC this year, so she was able to hook me up with a few toys.  Today I am looking at the Masterpiece Rodimus Prime.

In the box, we get Rodimus, his mini-con Offshoot, two blaster rifles, the Matrix, and two arm attachments (One is on his left arm, the other is the disk on the ground).

First of all, he has really good articulation.  Lots of movement in his hands, wrists, elbow, shoulders.  Here he is holding the matrix that does open up.  There is also a second tiny matrix under the hood of the car…or in his chest in this mode.

He has a flip-down visor that rotates down when you twist his “ears.”

Not to mention a second, longer face hiding under the first face.

His mini-con, Offshoot, also comes with really good articulation.  He has a lot of color for a mini-con too.

When transformed, Offshoot has two handles.  One for when he is being held by Rodimus, and one for when he is mounted to the car.

Fear not.  For if Offshoot is busy, Rodimus has two other blasters to choose from.  And what can be better than two guns?

If you get one giant rifle.  The two guns combine to make an absolutely fantastic blaster rifle.

On top of all of that, he transforms too.  In his sleek hot rod mode, he is low and fast.  The transformation is anything but fast.  This takes a long time to transform.  There are so many little twists and turns, folds and tucks.  Everything needs to be just right, or the parts won’t stay locked together.  I am sure this took a lot of design work to make everything fit like it does.

For comparison with Reveal the Shield on the left, Animated on the right and the little DOTM Rodimus in front.  This is a big vehicle.

And of course, when the going gets tough, the tough ask for Offshoot to go on a ride-along.  He attaches to the motor.  The other two blasters can also be attached.

And for good measure, as if we needed the car to do anything else, the cockpit opens to reveal an interior to the vehicle.  Not that you can put anything in there, but it is a cool feature.

But wait…there’s more.

No Prime would be complete without their own Matrix.  This is a smaller version of the one that comes with the set.

So there you have it.   A big robot, a mix of plastic and metal parts, rubber tires, and a lot of hard work to get it to transform.  Oh what fun.

Coming up next, we look at some MiniMates from SDCC 11 and Lion-O by Bandai.


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