Transformers: Reveal the Shield – Lugnut

Anyone who is a collector of anything, has had a time where they really want that thing, but they can’t find it.  Well, this is my “thing.”  Lugnut from the Reveal the Shield line of Transformers.  I got to know Lugnut during his run on The Animated Series, and really liked the character.

What could be better than getting a sort of live versions of him?  Taking a WW2 airplane and giving it jet engines.  Now THAT is a fun thing.   First up, the robot.

Big arms, big legs, giant jets on the shoulders.   Could there be anything better for a henchman of Megatron’s?  Add in the loyalty of a dog and there you have it.

This dog has bite.  Hidden in the tail of his plane parts is a missile launcher.  A little transformation and it is able to be aimed at the forces ahead.

This might be the best part of Lugnut.  He has three giant finger, all of which are posable. A really nice feature in the world of molded hands.  In addition, each hand is spring powered to give a knock-out punch.

Here he is with his Animated counterpart.  Many of the features are the same between the two.  I am sure the RTS (Reveal the Shield) Lugnut really likes having hands he can use.

On to the airplane mode:

Styled after the World War 2 bomber the B-25, the engines have been replaced by modern jet engines.   I am a huge fan of mixing generations in a steam-punk fashion.  This is a great example of that style.  The large parts out on the mid-wing are the hands.  They fold up really nice and are not very noticeable as hands, thanks to all of the articulation.  They appear to be some sort of booster rockets to aide in takeoff.

He has a really fat belly.  Those legs have to fold up somewhere.  That was the trickiest part of the transformation.  There are a lot of parts that have to be swiveled around in just the right direction.  There is no room for error in this one.  You can see on the tail, his identification number is LU-6 NU-7.  Nice touch there designers.

Top down, you can see the ID number again.  The wingspan is really nice and big.  There is a paint error over on the right side wing (on the left side of the picture).   The black stripes don’t go all the way around the engine.

Down under, all of the little parts are tucked away so nicely.  The designers did such a great job folding everything up so nicely.

A parting picture of the two bombers together.  The Reveal the Shield version of Lugnut is outstanding.  The design is great and the transformation is tricky and fun.   You will have to hunt for this one though.  It is in the secondary market now, falling prey to the high prices of eBay.  If you are lucky, you may still find a few at the discount stores. I found mine at Ross.


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