Transformers: Animated – Jetpack Bumblebee

I know there are people who did not like the Animated version of Transformers.  Well, I was one of them, and really, it was the show that really got me back into collecting Transformers.  I think what I like the best about Animated was that the toys looked exactly like the show.

Apparently people in Japan really liked the show too…or at least the toys since they have way more over there than we ever got here.   Having to go second-market on these does drive up the price for those of us in the United States, but sometimes it is worth a bit extra.  Especially now that we will probably never see any more come over here.

So, the one that caught my eye: Jetpack Bumblebee by Tomy Takara

Bumblebee is painted in a really nice, shiny gold paint.  His interior parts are still basic yellow.  He also comes with his jetpack and two of the missiles that the regular version comes with.

All fitted with the jetpack, everything attaches well, allowing him to hold onto the guns mounted on the front.  The guns can swivel up and down, but do not come off.  The two missiles mount on the wings.  None of the jet “fire” is removable from the pack.

Back to Bee, you can see he is slightly smaller than the standard Deluxe version.  The transformation is different too, but he comes out looking pretty close to the other version.

In vehicle mode, he is is sporty little hatchback from the show.  The gold paint is really shiny.  The fit of the pieces have a lot larger gaps than the regular version.

Transformed, the Jetpack is again able to attach to Bumblebee.  It actually uses the same attachment clips that were on Bumblebee’s back, but are now on undercarriage of the car.  The guns are the only part that look out of place in this mode.

For comparison sake, with the standard Deluxe version of Bumblebee, the Jetpack version looks a lot smaller in this mode, and has a much more angular design.

And fear not, for the fans who loved it when Bumblebee attached the missiles to his back in the show, you can still do it with this version.


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