Transformers: Why are the Decepticon jets so ugly?

Against my better judgement I bought the Target Exclusive Starscream.  From a purchase during the run of the last movie, I know that Hasbro has had a horrible time, making all of the parts of the robot fit into the body of the jet.   Sorry to tell you, but these are not robots in disguise.

After a look at Starscream, I will take a look at Thundercracker, who is in the Deluxe scale, and somehow does manage to cover everything in jet mode.


He is not a very elegant robot.   Very linear, with a strange rhombus shaped body.  The arms are way out the the sides, and the legs are stangely dropped low.

The body is very flat, front to back.  What one would expect from a jet, which is not too thick to start with.   The arms move funny.  They have a reverse bend at the elbow.

From the front, the jet looks right on.  A few strange bright pieces, but overlooked as it carries throughout the vehicle.  The color scheme is a neat one, this time around going with a metallic silver paint for the tattoos.  The landing gear is really well done, hidden well, but allows for a good stance for the plane.

And then… we are no longer tricked by Starscream’s “disguise.”  His hands, and most of his arms are hanging out the back.  That is a REALLY REALLY POOR design flaw if this robot.  This is a voyager class figure.   Big enough that it should have been easy enough to hide all of the little bits.

I suspect that this is a repaint from a figure from the last movie.  The newer planes are much better.  Case and point, Thundercracker.

Thundercracker’s arms are improved by being moved up to an actual shoulder.   His body is not such a boxy feel.  He has actual elbows and much better movement in his arms.  I am still bummed by the tiny feet.  I thought they would have worked on that a bit.  Oh well.

And then, there is the much better looking plane.  Clear canopy, classic Thundercracker Red and Blue paint, and everything folds up well.  Of course there is still going to be some stuff hanging off the bottom, but there are no hands out the back or any strange out of the ordinary parts hanging off.  Everything is pretty well sealed up on this one.

So, old Decepticons make for bad jets.  New Decepticons make much better jets.  They are still not the best looking robots though.


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