Sentinel Prime will make you cry!

Sentinel Prime, the apparently missing Prime.  He is a great big firetruck, and an even bigger robot.  In the Leader class, he is one hefty figure.  Coming with lights and sound, he is a bit back heavy.  I had to play with his feet and legs for a bit to get him standing upright.

it is really neat to see how well they took a rather boxy vehicle and really broke it down to give a nice humanoid look.   I don’t particularly like the giant base on the back, but everything has to go somewhere I guess.

Transforming him from a robot to the vehicle is where the pain comes in.  I thought I was going to cry after about 20 minutes with him.  There are a lot of parts that fit into one another, and the directions are not all that clear.   When all is said and done, it was tricky to get the large gray roof area to stay down on the surrounding body.  I had to tweak a lot of the interior pieces to get them all to sit tight.

With an extending fire hose, this is quite a vehicle.  It is a Leader class vehicle that fits in with the Voyager and Deluxe figures.

If you so desire, the shield can be taken from under the chassis and the blade from inside, and the vehicle can be transformed to a battle mode.  Not a really pretty sight.  I don’t think the whole, “but wait there’s more” thing works too well for these figures.  They are always looking for the next gimmick.

And finally, along with a Voyager Optimus Prime and a Deluxe Bumblebee, the scale is right on.   The other two Leader figures, Ironhide and Bumblebee are on their own for scale, but Sentinel really does work well.


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