Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Weapons Bases

Optimus Prime and Megatron are in the Commander scale with trailers.   They both transform into weapon bases as well as an alternate mode for a power-up.  It is great to see Optimus with his trailer, which I know we are going to get to see this time around.  Megatron on the other hand is also good to see with the trailer.   We have a Voyager class version of Megatron with his trailer, but it is a part of him.  This one becomes a weapons base all it’s own.

Both of the characters have been seen in the regular Cyberverse figures.   Optimus comes with a jetpack, while Megatron comes with an oil tanker that becomes a weapon.

Optimus Prime:

Right off the bat, loving the colors.  We get the stripe down the side like the G1 trailer.   There are a few extras hanging off here and there, but looks okay.   Not too pleased with the back wheels on the trailer.  One set is molded in, while the other set do roll slightly.   It would have been better to make them both roll, but if not, at least make them the same color.

As a weapon base, it really has the G1 feel to it.  I think it is due to the ramp on the back that allows some of the Legion class figures to drive up there.  I would have liked to see the ramp drop down in vehicle mode, but I guess we are going to have to wait for the Ultimate Optimus Prime for that one.  There is a cannon that really fires.  Optimus can easily hold onto the gun.

In the alternate mode, this is kind of a power suit.   Optimus can hold onto controls to move the arms.  I think the idea is that he could walk around in this suit, but the base is a solid piece, so no posing the legs other than just standing.  The cannon can be attached to either arm.

And with his Cyberverse counterpart.  The same figure, but a very different look with the paint apps.  The colors are slightly darker on the first version of Optimus.  Similar enough to know that they are the same character, but unique enough to stand on his own.   Either figure can attach to the trailer or the wings.


Megatron in his grey glory.   His trailer actually has working wheels, a nice addition not seen on Optimus’ trailer.  The color scheme is the same as the first version of Megatron.  If you are a collector, you will need to decide if it is worth it for you to have two of the same bodies with the same colors.   I got the Target 2-Pack Megatron, and he comes in black and purple.   A nice variant color there.

Where Optimus just had one big gun to man, Megatron has a big gun, plus two independent weapons out on the edges of the platform.  This one is a really sturdy design.  Megatron has much more movement in his arms than Optimus, and can really reach out well.

When it is time to advance, or more likely for a Decepticon, retreat, Megatron gets a flight mode.  The main gun can be tucked in during flight, giving Megatron a tail of sorts, but in landing, it can fold out in the back and be good stability to keep him standing.

Weapons Base Megatron with the Target 2-Pack Megatron.  The WB Megatron has a bit of extra color on his face, all thanks to Optimus in the last movie.  I think he is going to want a bit of retribution for that one.  As with Optimus, either vehicle can handle the weapons systems of the other.

The longer version of Megatron looks better and tougher.   It would have been nice if the attachment points for either Megatron or Optimus was a post so the trailers could swing around, but that is not the case.  They are very long, and cannot turn.

Both of these figures were first on my list for the Weapons bases.   There is also Bumblebee and Starscream out there, but I really wanted the longer trucks first.  They are nice vehicles and good figures.


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