Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Shockwave

Time for some big boys.  This time around we are taking a look at Shockwave, one of the Voyager class figures.  That means bigger and better.   The robot mode of Shockwave comes in the classic purple that we know and love all the way back to G1.  He even has his single eye and the cable that runs to the gun.  Of course in the original figure, that actually had real power in it to run the lights and sounds.   That is about where the similarities end.  This version has two hands for goodness sake.  That has to be way more helpful.

He does have a very nice appeal in his robot mode.  He is big on top, but unlike so many of his other movie counterparts, he has nice big legs to help him stand strong.  He is well armed too.  A gun on one arm, that has the ability to transform, as this is also a Mechtech figure.  A big blade is on the other arm.

From the side, Shockwave does stand a bit skinny.   He has a sort of backpack look that contains a few extra parts all nicely folded up there.  Here you can also see the cable that attaches from his back to the gun.  It does not attach to his back all that well in this mode.

A far cry from being a satellite, as he was in the last movie, it looks like Shockwave will be getting a much larger roll outside of the spy roll he held previously.  He is big and bulky as a Cybertronian style tank.  Almost a half-track.  He has treads under the body, but a pair of wheels there in the front.  They do roll, which is a nice touch.

***EDIT***    Sorry, sorry!!!!!  I know Soundwave was the satellite not Shockwave.  Spy vs. right hand man.   I will never write a review at 2am again.  Promise. 

The only part of the tank that does not do much for me is the large grey part in the middle of the tank body.  Those are the bottom of the feet folded in, and they don’t have the same look as the rest of the plastic, since they are the underside of the mold.  They don’t really fit in well with the flow.

And finally, we work our way around to the back end.  The power cable for the cannon really sticks far out to the side.  It does give a unique look different from the other figures in this series.   The gun mounted on top, as said before, has the ability to transform.   By pressing in on the gray button at the back, the gun spreads out and makes a more menacing looking gun.  The nice thing about this gun is that there is a tab that allows it to stay open in the transformed mode.  Something I have not yet seen on another figure.  Hopefully we will see more of that.

Somehow I think Shockwave is going to be one bad dude in this movie.   He is looking pretty pointed and angular with the rib cage and spikes.  I can’t wait to see him on the big screen.


2 responses to “Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Shockwave

  • Jason

    This is the best looking movie figure so far. He’s the one I keep contemplating on whether or not to get. His robot mode is definitely appealing. Nice score!

    PS- Soundwave was the satellite in the last movie. Shockwave here is a lot more reminiscent of his G1 counterpart than Soundwave(walkman) was.

    • Carnitas Fever

      Oh, yeah! Duh!!! That’s what I get for writing a review at 2am.

      I was thinking along the terms of being a giant gun is where we loose some of the familiar look. Guess they did not want to try and explain how a guy bigger than Megatron can fold into a gun that Megatron can hold. Or the other way around.

      Thanks for the correction.

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