Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

There are two repaint figures featuring a racing paint scheme.  They are both from previous movie lines, but they are REALLY good with the new paint schemes.

First up, Sideswipe.

Sidearm Sideswipe is one of my favorite movie version figures. Coming with twin handguns, and a Corvette Concept body, it is top notch.  Now add in a fun paint scheme and we have a winner.

The number on the side ’04’ represents the 20th anniversary of the Transformers line.  He also has ‘Sun Bro’ down low in front of the back wheels.  He is the brother of Sunstreaker.  They thought a lot about the addition of deco on this one.  Very nice.

If they were going to give him a radical paint job anyway, they should have gone with the original red.   Oh well.  I really like the big Autobot emblem on the hood.

His robot body is painted to match.  Throwing down with a pair of hand guns, he could easily be thrown into a western… if it weren’t for the whole giant robot thing.   He still has the ’04’ showing on his shoulder.

Here he is with… himself.   Sidearm Sideswipe has the stylized flames across his front, which transfer to his forearms in robot mode.   These are a couple of tough hombres lookin’ for a fight.


Just called Bumblebee in this version, I think both he and Sideswipe could have benefited from a more unique name.  In this racing version of Bumblebee, we are greeted with a giant ’84 on both doors and the roof.  Now if you don’t know what 84 is there for, you need to brush up on your Transformers history (hint: the year it all began).

Bumblebee has some great additional deco on his sides.  Below the windshield is says “Fly Supreme” paying homage to Omega Supreme.  The white symbol behind the door is the symbol of an ancient who talked to Rodimus Prime.  Right on the front fender is an ‘s’ in a pentagon.  That is for Sumdac Systems, the big company in Transformers: Animated.

Stars is for the Secret Transformer Autobot Rescue Squad which is a secret alliance of Humans and Autobots.

Black Rock is a proving grounds, and also was in a story with the Dinobots.  There are a lot of other references for Blackrock, from a guy in the G1 continuity to a race track and more.

Above “Blackrock” is a ‘G’ in an hexagon.   This is the symbol for the Go-Bots, a competitor of the Transformer line until Hasbro bought them.

On the rear bumper is ‘Maccadam’s’.   This is a black market fuel provider on Cybertron.

Bumblebee stands nice and tall in this version.  The door wings are a great addition to this figure, especially with the ’84’ over both shoulders.

This version of Bumblebee is a repaint of the Stealth Bumblebee.   This was a great version of the vehicle to use since they look so different with just a paint change.   Stealth Bumblebee does have a different face, going with the mask down look.

I am sure we are not done with the Bumblebee figures yet, but here are three of the Deluxe figures.  Standard, race deco, and Turbo (review coming soon).  They all have different looks and stances.  But that is a lot of black and yellow.

Along side Sidearm.  I accidentally gave Bumblebee the wrong weapon.  He is actually supposed to be holding a gun that transforms into a blade.  Oops.  🙂

And all the racing figures so far.   Could there be more to come?  I know we are going to be getting some more exclusive figures to Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart, so I am sure we will see more racing vehicles.  I would not be surprised to see some racing deco that goes with the stores since both Target and K-Mart sponsor race cars.


2 responses to “Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

  • Jason

    The Dark of the Moon figures haven’t really done it for me. I’m not a fan of Nascar Transformers. I think Shockwave is the best looking so far, but they only released an $18.00 version. If I see that Bumblebee, I may just have to get it!

    • Carnitas Fever

      I have to agree with a bit of hit and miss with some of the figures. There are certain figures, Baracade and Mudflap, who I have not even considered getting. The NASCAR figures are probably the lowest on my list so far.

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