Marvel MiniMates: Captain America Movie Wave (Toys R Us)

Captain America is not far off from being here for our viewing pleasure. But of course, we will get a Wave of Marvel MiniMates to go along with this movie.  The figures are outstanding this time around.  The details are top notch.

Frontline Captain America and Bucky

Captain America and Red Skull (Masked)

Captain America and Red Skull (Unmasked)

Gabe Jones and Hydra Flame Trooper

Golden Age Captain America and Dum Dum Dugan

Captain America Movie Wave figures

Lots of great details on these figures.   Three new Caps, but all are different from the plethora of other Captain Americas we have had before.  Don’t believe me?  Well here ya’ go!  My collection of Captain Americas.  From comic versions, to movie versions, to a zombie version.  There are a lot of them out there.

This only leaves me with two things.  One, we have most of the characters for the upcoming Avengers movie in 2012, in their movie versions.  There are a few more that I know of that we will have to wait on.  Hawkeye for one.  We saw him in Thor, but we did not get a figure of him.

The Avengers

The other… Captain America was made in World War 2.  There is another fan favorite that we have seen in WW2 in a movie as of late.   If we don’t see an interaction between Cap and Wolverine, it will be a travesty.

"Did you see any Nazis around here?" "Sorry Bub, I already got them all."


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