Transformers, Dark of the Moon: Sideswipe

Sideswipe must really be into his looks.  He did not make it to his second movie before he needed to change his body style.   Keeping with the Corvette Stingray concept theme, this time he went topless. A fairly dramatic change for this Autotbot, and it paid off.

There are not too many convertibles out there in the Transformers world.  Sideswipe managed to pull it off pretty well.  Of course, there is no floor to the car, but a little thing for us to get a new version of this guy.

You can the hole in the side of the car where the attachable weapon can be mounted.  There is also one on the other side as well as the back.  I don’t know that it is worth having holes all over the car for these weapons, but we have them, so we have to live with them.

And with the weapon attached.  This is another one of the transforming weapons that cannot stay open, so a bit of a waste of transformation here.  Still, it is a pretty cool looking gun in this form, and fits well with the car.

In his robot mode, he still goes with the large wing blades off the shoulders.  They did a good job at Hasbro to keep his body similar to the first version while being able to change the body of the car.  I am still dying over the small feet they put on these guys.  Come on!  It is not that hard to give a guy substantial feet to walk around on.   You gave them to Bumblebee, and he looks all the better for it.

Another solid figure for the upcoming movie.  Lots more of these figures in the pipeline.


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