Marvel MiniMates – Toys R Us 2 packs Wave 10 (Age of Apocalypse)

The heavy theme this time around is from the Age of Apocalypse story line in X-Men.   They did of course need to get Spider-Man and Wolverine in there, so we are 50-50 for AOA and other stuff.  The figures this time around are fantastic, and I am saving the best for last.

Danger Room Wolverine and Omega Red:

Here is yet another Wolverine.  I do have to say though, with only one type of body, they do keep Wolvie interesting.   This time missing his shirt, he has a nasty look on his face. Someone is about to get something bad.

Omega Red is his own kind of evil.  He is a great nemesis to the X-Men, and one that is a good addition to the MiniMates line.  His whip tendrils come out of the bottom of his wrists and they look pretty good.  They are not posable, but they are different sizes and are shaped differently so they work well.

Big Time Spider-Man and Shadowland Iron Fist:

Honestly I had to look this one up.  I did not have any clue as to what the Big Time thing was all about.  I am really out of the comic loop other than the toys and movies.  Of course MiniMates will have another Spider-Man.  All the figures need to be painted, and Spider-Man is just that, paint.  He does not have any other body part accessories.   He does come with his webbing, this time in a clear yellow.  The webbing is a little more stiff than the webs that came with other Spider-folk.

Iron Fist is just Bad-@$$.  I don’t really know much about Iron Fist.  Only a little here and there.  The figure is well painted, he comes with his hands wrapped and an alternate version with just hands.   He also has a face under that mask.  Take that Spider-Man.  Not so big time now, huh?

Now we get into the Age of Apocalypse figures.   Sabretooth and Blink.  Both figures are well done.  We have seen Sabretooth before but this one is a bit different.  I like him.  Blink has great clothing, along with a power platform.

Nemesis and Morph.   Morph has such a heavy cape that he can not stand on his own.  Other than the cape, he does not have a lot going for him that is unique.   The paint is really nice though.

And then there is Nemesis.  He is one of the Exclusive 2 Packs, and worth the hunt:

He has great accessories.  His body is nice and clear.  They were able to mold the body shell so clear that the skull and bones show through.   He has two different shaped fists, with giant feet and leg attachments.   This is a GREAT figure.

And there you have it my friends.   A really nice set of Marvel MiniMates.  I did not see any outright flaws that hindered the wave, other than Morph not being able to stand up.   A little thing.   We get some nice big scale bad guys this time around.   Go forth and hunt!


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