Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Figures are out

Finally we are seeing life on the rather desolate pegs that once held the Transformers.  They were REALLY stretching, trying to keep Transformers alive while they were gearing up for the Dark of the Moon figures.

I have a bunch, and all will be seen in due time.  First up is the fan favorite, Bumblebee.  I am starting to feel like I am running a bee hive here at home.  I have something like dozen Bumblebee figures now.  But who can pass this guy up?  He was the darling of the TV series, and now he is a selfless friend in the movies.

All of the DOM Transformers are coming with Mechtech Weapon Systems.   Basically a transforming weapon of some sort.   The weapons are large and cumbersome, and don’t really work well with the figures.  Especially since they only work as long as they are pressed down.

Our good friend Bumblebee here is still sporting his Camaro body.  I wonder if he feels bad now that there are real Camaros and he is not just a concept vehicle any longer.   He has a spoiler this time around, and window netting.  Guess he will be making rounds with his NASCAR brethren (more on them next time).

Still a nice and sturdy figure with lots of posing options.   It is interesting, the figures are equipped with the bars that allow the Generation line of weapon accessories to be attached.  You can see Bumblebee’s on his forearms.

There is the gun again.   Not a terrible looking weapon, and even better when transformed, but it does not stay that way.

A little bit smaller than is predecessor, he is able to stand up a little more straight.   Hasbro has really continued to make some great transformation capabilities in the movie line.

Another great figure for the ol’ collection.  Up next, a body style change to an new friend.  This guy can’t make it into a second movie without a change.


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