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Marvel MiniMates – Toys R Us 2 packs Wave 10 (Age of Apocalypse)

The heavy theme this time around is from the Age of Apocalypse story line in X-Men.   They did of course need to get Spider-Man and Wolverine in there, so we are 50-50 for AOA and other stuff.  The figures this time around are fantastic, and I am saving the best for last.

Danger Room Wolverine and Omega Red:

Here is yet another Wolverine.  I do have to say though, with only one type of body, they do keep Wolvie interesting.   This time missing his shirt, he has a nasty look on his face. Someone is about to get something bad.

Omega Red is his own kind of evil.  He is a great nemesis to the X-Men, and one that is a good addition to the MiniMates line.  His whip tendrils come out of the bottom of his wrists and they look pretty good.  They are not posable, but they are different sizes and are shaped differently so they work well.

Big Time Spider-Man and Shadowland Iron Fist:

Honestly I had to look this one up.  I did not have any clue as to what the Big Time thing was all about.  I am really out of the comic loop other than the toys and movies.  Of course MiniMates will have another Spider-Man.  All the figures need to be painted, and Spider-Man is just that, paint.  He does not have any other body part accessories.   He does come with his webbing, this time in a clear yellow.  The webbing is a little more stiff than the webs that came with other Spider-folk.

Iron Fist is just Bad-@$$.  I don’t really know much about Iron Fist.  Only a little here and there.  The figure is well painted, he comes with his hands wrapped and an alternate version with just hands.   He also has a face under that mask.  Take that Spider-Man.  Not so big time now, huh?

Now we get into the Age of Apocalypse figures.   Sabretooth and Blink.  Both figures are well done.  We have seen Sabretooth before but this one is a bit different.  I like him.  Blink has great clothing, along with a power platform.

Nemesis and Morph.   Morph has such a heavy cape that he can not stand on his own.  Other than the cape, he does not have a lot going for him that is unique.   The paint is really nice though.

And then there is Nemesis.  He is one of the Exclusive 2 Packs, and worth the hunt:

He has great accessories.  His body is nice and clear.  They were able to mold the body shell so clear that the skull and bones show through.   He has two different shaped fists, with giant feet and leg attachments.   This is a GREAT figure.

And there you have it my friends.   A really nice set of Marvel MiniMates.  I did not see any outright flaws that hindered the wave, other than Morph not being able to stand up.   A little thing.   We get some nice big scale bad guys this time around.   Go forth and hunt!


Captain America 3 3/4 scale figures

I picked up one of these just to see how good or bad they are.  I am not really into the 3 3/4 scale figures any longer since the price is going through the roof.

Anyway, I grabbed Captain America in his WW2 outfit since either way, it would be different that other Cap figures.

He comes with a hand gun on his hip, a machine gun, his non-round shield, and a removable helmet.  He is wearing a mask under the helmet.  The figure is well sculpted.  Lots of wrinkles and texture to the outfit.  I am a little bummed by the material of the figure.  The plastic seems a little soft.   The soft plastic also allows for warping in the packaging, so make sure to get him out!   I was having a little bit of trouble getting him to pose right.

On the packaging, it is clearly Chris Evans under the mask.  There is also the Avengers Assemble on the packaging front.  As with the Thor movie figures and Iron Man before that, there are a lot of figures that really don’t have anything to do with the movie.  Snowboarding Cap and that sort of thing.  I do think these figures are well worth it if you are a collector of the movie figures, but again, the plastic is a bit soft and cheap feeling.

I am excited for the movie coming out.  If you read earlier about my feelings of the Thor movie, I am a little apprehensive right now about the story for this one.  I sure hope they are not going to try and shoehorn too much about the Avengers into this movie and hurt the overall experience.

I think we are truly in the Golden Age of the comic movies. We are having big money backing these, with lots of interest outside of the comic world, so the sky is the limit.   And right now, Marvel is the game in town.  They have really stepped up to make some good comic movies.  I sure hope they continue to do so.  There are a lot of great stories out there to tell.

The Rest of the Thor MiniMates:

I went to see the movie, going with high expectations from the two Iron Man movies.  I was less than impressed by this one.  I was let down by the story.  It is the story of a god finding more to life than fighting.  Well, there is so much back story that they packed into the movie that there was relatively little time allowed for Thor to spend on Earth and get a grasp of humanity.   Now, there are a lot of guys who would change their ways overnight to be with Natalie Portman, but come on, this is a set-up for what might be the biggest movie ever produced.

Anyway, as this is not a movie review site, we will move ahead with the figures.   The figures available in the Toys R Us Two Packs were reviewed here.  These figures were only available in Marvel MiniMates Wave 39, and not a part of the Toys R Us Two Packs.

The two characters are Jane Foster, and Agent Coulson.  They both come with a Frost Giant.

Jane comes with just her pretty little self, but Coulson comes with a hand gun and a megaphone, apparently for yelling at Destroyer.  The Frost Giants have nice armor and a really good paint job.   All figures are well made and painted nicely.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Figures are out

Finally we are seeing life on the rather desolate pegs that once held the Transformers.  They were REALLY stretching, trying to keep Transformers alive while they were gearing up for the Dark of the Moon figures.

I have a bunch, and all will be seen in due time.  First up is the fan favorite, Bumblebee.  I am starting to feel like I am running a bee hive here at home.  I have something like dozen Bumblebee figures now.  But who can pass this guy up?  He was the darling of the TV series, and now he is a selfless friend in the movies.

All of the DOM Transformers are coming with Mechtech Weapon Systems.   Basically a transforming weapon of some sort.   The weapons are large and cumbersome, and don’t really work well with the figures.  Especially since they only work as long as they are pressed down.

Our good friend Bumblebee here is still sporting his Camaro body.  I wonder if he feels bad now that there are real Camaros and he is not just a concept vehicle any longer.   He has a spoiler this time around, and window netting.  Guess he will be making rounds with his NASCAR brethren (more on them next time).

Still a nice and sturdy figure with lots of posing options.   It is interesting, the figures are equipped with the bars that allow the Generation line of weapon accessories to be attached.  You can see Bumblebee’s on his forearms.

There is the gun again.   Not a terrible looking weapon, and even better when transformed, but it does not stay that way.

A little bit smaller than is predecessor, he is able to stand up a little more straight.   Hasbro has really continued to make some great transformation capabilities in the movie line.

Another great figure for the ol’ collection.  Up next, a body style change to an new friend.  This guy can’t make it into a second movie without a change.

Cars 2 – Ridemakerz Lightning McQueen

This past week I grabbed the newest of the Cars 2 toys to be released.   We have a ton of new dicast vehicles, but the local Toys R Us’ are filled with these big boxes of cars with lots of accessories.  There are three sizes.   This is the Deluxe kit including a car, and a lot of accessories to play with right out of the box.  This is not a set for the faint of heart, costing nearly $40.  It does however come with a lot of great accessories.   I really wanted the green Lightning McQueen, so I was going to get the starter set that comes with the body and tires (wheels sold separately).  Then I was going to add on a blown engine and some of the 8-barrel wheels.  Seeing all of that and more, really made this set a good deal for me.

Out of the box:

Think that is enough accessories?  Just a drop in the bucket for what they have available.

So, here is a base Lightning McQueen.  He is sporting the new headlights (no more sticker headlights for an international racer).  He comes with the standard fin he will have in the movies and the side pipes that are unique to him.  Both are removable for changing accessories.  The body is quite solid and really rolls well.  I was a little timid about a product from a company I had not heard of before.  But the paint is flawless and the plastic is high quality.

I am thinking this is distracted driving.   How can he see with that giant thing on his nose?   I don’t see how.  So this is what I was after.   The great blown engine.  It has movable air intakes and there is a braided wire for the fuel line.  Way better than I would have expected.

A little more of a subtle hot rod.  I REALLY like the side pipes.  They remind me of the Shelby Cobra or the Corvette Stingray.   I can’t wait to try them out on some of the other vehicles in the line (Mater, Finn McMissile, and Francesco).

And in case you were wondering, here is a size comparison.  This is a huge increase in size from the standard Cars Dicast toys.

If you feel the need to set up a little engine shop like I did, you will not be disappointed.   You do however need to go to Toys R Us to get your stuff… unless you live by one of the Disney parks where they are setting up a temporary shop.

Ridemakerz get to produce Cars 2 giant vehicles

Today the “Cars 2” line of toys has gotten a LOT bigger. Disney teaming with Ridemakerz has produced a fabulous line of large scale vehicles that all you to customize Lightning, Mater, Finn, and Francesco.
This is one of the deluxe sets which come with all of the parts to build a custom Lightning. There are also less expensive starter sets available.
I can see I will quickly run out of money and space with this great line.

Six foot three and doing a happy dance in toys r us

What fun today. New stuff from Cars 2, Captain America, and Transformers.

The shelves are pretty picked over, especially for the Transformers. They did come out on Monday.

I will have some pics up soon. There are some good looking toys out now.


That is all the peek you get for now. 🙂

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