Back from Disneyland

A few days spent down south at Disneyland.  And a few toys to show for it.   Even though Star Tours is closed for renovation, and a new movie, there was still a toy presence for Star Wars there at Disneyland.

One of the fun lines they have are the Disney characters dressed to look like a Star Wars Character.  Now I cannot see spending a ton of money on these guys since I know that both Disney and Lucas want their piece of the pie, but I did grab one set.  Two of my favorite Disney characters are Chip and Dale, so there was no way I would pass up the chance of getting them dressed as the Ewoks.

Dressed in head gear with some weapons.  The best part is the replica Stormtrooper helmet that comes with the set.  Not a lot of motion for these guys.  A spin in the shoulder and a bit of a head turn is all you get with these guys.  Not a lot, but there is not a lot to work with.  At about only half the size of the standard Ewok figures, these guys are pretty small.  That is probably why they added a helmet with them.

My love for all things toys is matched with my love for all things cars.  So, with a new trip to a Disney park, meant a new Disney Racer, or two, or three.   I couldn’t decide, so I got all three.

Starting with Chip.  Of course I could not pass up getting the Chip racer.  If they had the Dale Racer I would have gotten that one too, but if I had to choose, I like Chip a little better anyway.   Character faces with engines.  Can’t go wrong there.

This is a great little car.  A well designed representation of everyone’s favorite clown fish Nemo.   I could easily see someone making a VW Beetle into this car.  Wouldn’t that be fun?

Then we have Mr. Cleaner, Wall-E.  A very sharp-edged industrial look to this racer.  Very different than the others.   I like different, and I like Wall-E, so this was a natural for me to grab.

So, with these three, I am now up to five racers.  A fun small collection including Goofy and Stitch.  I am sure I will NEVER collect all of them. There are just too many that I don’t care about, and that look too strange as vehicles.    I do however think this is a fun thing to collect at each visit to a park.


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