Finally, the two missing Generations figures

I have been missing Sergeant Kup and Scourge for some time now.  I have the rest of the Generations figures, but these two were eluding me for some reason.  And of course they are two that I really wanted to get.  Kup of course, because why wouldn’t you want that cranky old man.   And Scourge was proving to be a great Transformer from being a tight package in the jet mode to being a full sized Deluxe robot.

Sergeant Kup:

A pickup truck.  Not a lot of those around in the Transformers Universe.  Besides, we get a bit of a futuristic look on this one.  Clean cut and well designed.  He holds together well in his vehicle mode and all of the wheels are locked in place so they will not fold out when being played with.

And in robot mode.   What a great looking figure. His face is definitely Kup.  A nice thing that they have really worked on in all of the lines.   He comes with a “laser musket” just in case you don’t understand how really, really, really, old this guy is.  🙂

He does not have any hip rotation which does hurt his posability a bit.  We loose the hip rotation to get some spring action around his chest area so the fenders snap into place.   I will take that.  I will assume the old man does not move like he used to .


This guy is really skinny in robot mode.   Seeing what else they have done with some of the other jets, I was pretty sure they were going to be able to pull this one off pretty well.

One of the coolest features is the wings being able to open up and allows for storage of the blasters.   This was a great use of room and really helped to keep the vehicle mode nice and clean.

Scourge has a pretty solid stance, but can be a little back heavy with those giant wings hanging off.  He comes with two blasters.

Combined, the blasters make for a pretty nasty weapon.   It does look a little off with the strange variation of blue.  It looks like he has stolen a weapon from someone else.

An old man, and a bad guy with a fu-manchu.   You really know who the good guys and the bad guys are here.  I really like both figures and I am glad they turned out as nice as I had been hoping they would be.


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