Play Arts: Halo Reach, Jun

Nice and big, with lots of great details, this is the high-end line of Halo figures.   Much like the Final Fantasy figures, there is a lot of movement to these figures.

I am a sucker for a sniper rifle.  For some reason I have always been into the snipers of any groups.   Jun is the second figure in the collection.   He comes dressed in dark green and black armor with some extra material around the neck that looks like extra camo.

That is one long sniper rifle.  Designed like the 50cal sniper rifle with the box end for gas release, this is one formatable weapon.  The legs fold up, and the gripping hand can hold over the top of the legs.  He also comes with a removable knife and grenade.

The figure has some great manuverability to suit any pose you could dream up.  I did not try to put him in a prone position to fire from the ground, but since it is almost never possible to actually get an action figure to fire from that position, I have given up.    There are some great joints, like the shoulders that rotate, pivot, and also move forward and backward.    The knees have a really cool design in them as well, so they don’t leave a giant pivot ball out in the open.

This is my third size Halo figure.  I still have never played the game, but they just keep coming out with figures I can’t get away from.   I am definitely a fan of the Play Arts lines of figures, with some really nice joints, and lots of great details.

The only problem I have had with Jun was his left arm is loose and comes off easily from below the elbow down.  It is a bit of a pain when trying to position him, but since he is not really a toy,  I don’t find too much trouble with it.


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