Marvel MiniMates Toys R Us Wave 9

A bit strange since it has mostly X-people, but Spider-Man thrown in there.   Oh well.  Here are the quick pics for you.

Not the best wave.  There are some messy paint apps, as well as the gauntlets.   All of the gauntlets have hands that are way to small to grip anything.  Not a good thing in a line of figures who have to grip.


Not too bad. Magik's hair does not stay on well, but Warlock is okay, but the yellow paint does not match on all body parts.

Both Cannonball and Shatterstar suffer from the poor paint and tiny hand syndrome.

Wolverine has some bad paint, especially around the shoulders. Dark Magneto is the best painted figure, but his feet keep falling off because of the big boot covers.

Ironically the two non X-Figures are actually the best painted and hold together well. Lizard's tail is molded into the back of the jacket. Would have been nice to see separate, but not a big complaint.

I sure hope this lousy paint is not the future of MiniMates.  If so, their days are numbered in my collecting.   Nobody here is an absolute must-have for me, but it is always fun to get some of the more obscure characters.


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