GI Joe Indepth (Part 3)

The RAM Cycle.  What is better than a motorcycle?  A motorcycle with a gatling gun on the side.

The RAM Cycle was one of the first 3 3/4 inch vehicles to hit the market in 1982.  It is really neat to have one after finding that out.  And after 29 years, the molds are AMAZING!!!!  Everything fits well.  It has so many little parts and doors.   There is a hatch on the side of the gun that opens so it can be worked on.   The pods on the side come off and open up.  There is a hidden handgun in one of the boxes, though it is a little out of scale.

Don’t like it as a RAM, or you don’t like the side pods?   Well, you have a few options.  Want a vehicle you can easily repaint into a different battle than the Desert Battle?  This is the vehicle for you.   Very customizable by removing parts.

The rider is Sandstorm.  This is his first figure.   The original did not have a driver as it was made in 1982 where you did not always get a figure with a vehicle.  He has a removable helmet that is very similar in look to Copperhead of Cobra fame.

I am really happy with these reprints of come classic vehicles.   They are holding up extremely well, and work very nicely with the more modern GI Joe Figures.
Next time, I am going to take a look at a classic Cobra vehicle going back to 1985, but… you guessed it, looking great after all these years.


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