GI Joe Indepth (Part 1)

We are in the middle of a whirlwind of GI Joe vehicles and figures.   We have some of the standard stuff we have been seeing at Target and Walmart making an “after Christmas” comeback.   We also have stuff showing up at Ross and the like that were cancelled for one reason or another.

Today I am looking at the stinker of the current stuff.

There are a lot of people out there looking for the Sand Serpent:

This is Cobra’s Desert Battle version of the Night Raven.  Of course if you went to a few Target or Toys R Us stores in the last part of 2010, you will remember the black version being on super sales.  Originally for $39.99, these were being sold for $19.99.    I am pretty sure that is why these were cancelled.  Of course if Hasbro had already made them and gotten ready to ship out, they will want to sell them.  In comes Ross with a nice $15.99 sale price.

Needing to see what was what, I had to buy one and see.  Opening it, it came in two pieces.   The front end is a sort of cocking mechanism for the missile launchers.  Adding in three batteries and you are ready for flight.

The color scheme on this is really nice.  A desert scheme in a sort of snake print with a white bottom. This vehicle is aesthetically pleasing, but that is where the goodness ends.

Problem #1:

The Landing gear.   I was really excited for the moving landing gear.  Then I was disappointed.  It is a one-piece design.  I would really have liked to see rolling landing gear or at least more details.

Problem #2

The body separation.  In order to shoot the missiles, you have to cock the gun to rotate the chambers.  A nice idea, but really bad in execution.  The two parts are loose and when you move around the vehicle and it feels a little cheap.  I think an different way to rotate the cartridge would have made for a much better jet.

Problem #3:

This one was the real killer for me.  Trying to be like the original Night Viper from 1986, this design has a drop down cockpit.  Unlike the original version, the first time I put the cockpit back in the closed position, it had a major gap around the front end, and it flopped around when moving the vehicle.


I just think of the original 1986 version of the Night Raven that was really big and really had some great features. If you are a collector of all things GI Joe, you might want to get this vehicle.  Otherwise skip it, it will just take up room.

Next up, a repaint from a 1985 classic that still stands toe to toe with the best of today.


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