Are the more expensive Hot Wheels worth the cost?

This was a question I was asking myself when I was at Target looking at the toy aisle.  I don’t venture down the ‘car’ aisle too often, but I have been known to partake in the occasional Hot Wheels vehicle.

So, the experiment:   I have a 2010 Hot Wheels Ford GT LM:

Luckily at Target they had the Speed Machines version of the same vehicle:

So, here we go.  The two vehicles, the green one is a standard $.97 Hot Wheels, while the black one is a $2.99 Speed Machines.   Is it worth paying three times as much for a car with a supposedly better paint job, and three colors on the wheels?

The paint:  The Speed Machines has some extra paint apps.  There are rivets along the bottom of the door. There are a few accents around the doors.   The paint is fairly nice, but there are a few blemishes around the top of the doors.  All in all, quite a few colors are added to the vehicle. Gold racing stripes, white gas caps and circles around the ‘2’.  Red around the white circles.   On the hood there is a ‘Ford’ emblem.

On the standard green car, there are two additional colors, black and white.  All of the bumps and indents are there for the mold of the Speed Machines.

The interiors are the same.  The colors are different, and the green car has tinted windows, but the molds are exactly the same

Even the underside is the same.  There is a color difference of course.

So, if you want a little more color, and really cool wheels then it would be okay to pay three times as much.  I don’t think it is really worth that much more since there are standard versions of the same vehicles.   I don’t know if that is the case in all of the cars.  There are 12 Street Machines in all.


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