Gurren Lagann – Full Drillized

One of my favorite Anime, Gurren Lagann has about everything you could want.  I finally got one of the action figures off of amazon for a really good price.

This is the Full Drillized version of Gurren Lagann.  Let me say that this is NOT a kids toy.  The drills are REALLY sharp.

The colors are sharp and there are differences from flat to glossy.  As with the Revoltech figures, there is really good articulation.   He does have some trouble standing in certain poses.  I think his torso is a bit top heavy.

He comes with a good amount of accessories.  Four extra hands, an extra head, a chest plate with glasses, his giant glasses, and a drill that can either be put on his hand or can be put on the green loop to attach to a necklace like Simon wears.

I love that they gave him his giant glasses.  With the stand, he can be posed in some classic poses.

That is a lot of drills.

With one of my other favorite mechas from Patlabor.

Not the world’s largest Gurren Lagann collection, but growing.  🙂

"Are YOU the Spiral King?"


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