Ame-Comi: Star Sapphire

The Green Lanterns are making quite a splash as of late.  The other colors have been making quite a showing as well.   Maybe none show as much as Star Sapphire.  🙂

With nine previous Ame-Comi in my collection, I think I am a true collector of the line.  I don’t have them all, and at $60 a pop, I have to be selective.

If you read my previous post, you will see that I had to do a bit of tweaking with the base to get the post in the bottom of SS foot to go in the crystal on the base.

Star Sapphire is using her powers to make a cute little heart.  They gave her sultry eyes and pouty lips.

It was an interesting choice of a costume.  Very similar to her comic outfit, she has a bit of a Witchblade look to her.

Little stars and jewel shapes adorn her outfit all over.  A very literal translation of Star Sapphire.

She also has a visor that can be attached.  Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses?

In all, an okay figure.   Not the best in the Ame-Comi line.  Coming next I will be reviewing Jade, another Lantern, and a better statue, possibly one of the best in the line.

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