New Reviews on their way

I have done my photo shoot on two of the newer Ame-Comi, Jade and Star Sapphire.  These are two nice figures, one better than the other, but more on that when I post the reviews.   For now, let me tease you with this:

Yup, that is a power tool laying on my desk with a $60 statue.  Not my idea of a good time, but don’t worry, it was a successful surgery.


2 responses to “New Reviews on their way

  • Jason

    I see that one of the pegs got stick in the base, huh? This is one reason I don’t buy statues. That and they’re expensive. I don’t really watch anime either. The only thing close that I have is an Apocalypse mini bust that I bought around 10 years ago. It cost me $55 at the time, but I still have it, and he still looks evil and awesome.

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