DC Universe Classics: Wave 8, Mr. Terrific

I think I am a glutton for punishment.  I found Mr. Terrific after Christmas, while I was looking around for something good.   I love the rest of the wave and am still hoping to get the last pieces of Giganta.  If you have been collecting the DCUC waves, you will know that Mattel really messed us up by under producing Gentleman ghost and therefore limiting us on the number of Giganta heads and lower torsos.  So, for now I have the upper torso, both arms and both legs.   Can’t attach the legs without the lower torso.

Anyway, I really like Mr. Terrific.  He is very uniquely interesting as a figure, with good coloring, sharp paint apps, and really nice floating spheres.

Now, THAT is a lot of leg.   Too bad I can’t get all of her.  I will keep trying though.


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