Getting excited for more of the new Transformers

Now that we are starting to see the new figures coming out in the Reveal the Shield line, I am getting more excited about the other new G1 styled figures.  In February we are supposed to be seeing the 7th wave of the Generations line.   And what better place to throw in a few classic characters from G1 than to put them in Generations.

Scourge, Sgt. Kup, Wheeljack and Thundercrack.  Characters that have been around for a long time, some with new styling, and some classics.  Wheeljack is the one I am looking forward to the most in this line.  Looking closely at him, it is clear that he is a retooled Turbo Tracks.


2 responses to “Getting excited for more of the new Transformers

  • cooksux

    Man Kup and Wheeljack can’t get here soon enough. What makes it worse is that I’m waiting on getting the Transformers United versions of them.

  • Jason

    Definitely looking forward to picking up Wheeljack and Thundercracker. Although Sgt. Kup does look enticing. Finances are a little tight for the time being. I hope I don’t miss this wave and end up not getting them, because I don’t want to pay jacked up prices for new figures.

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